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Tonar Turntable oil

Tonar Turntable oil

Tonar Turntable oil

Turntable oil.

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Up until now there existed no lubricant oil specifically developed for turntable bearings. In commercial terms this is understandable. The potential volume turnover is extremely small. But existing lubricant oils only fulfil to a certain degree the lubrication to function very well. The Tonar Audio Turntable Oil is the first and last product developed for this application and produced on laboratory scale.

What is special to a lubricant in a turn table bearing?
While playing the record there is a mechanical connection/contact between the needle and the bearing ! The signal of a MC cartridge is amplified about  2000 times. So every noise generated in the bearing is amplified that much!

Why does this oil excel?
This oil has an extremely low friction because of a very effective friction modification system  avoiding contact of the construction materials in the bearing. So the oil will silence the bearing in a strong way.

Needless to say that also the bearing’s life is much longer. Before changing your bearing oil careful cleaning is advised. We advise changing your oil every two years. To further  improve the result.